History and Club Background

Thank you for your interest in the Ogeechee Bowmen Archery Club, one of
the oldest archery clubs in Georgia! The first records that we have show the
forming of the club to be February 22nd, 1959.

The Ogeechee Bowmen are members of the National Field Archery Association
(NFAA) and the Georgia Bowhunter’s Archery Association (GBAA). We were also a
member of the Archery Shooters Association (ASA) when we were at our old location.
The range is currently located in the L. Scott Stell Community Park complex off of
Bush Road in South-West Chatham County. There is a 7 target practice range (20-70
yards) and a 14 target NFAA field range as well (of which, is a public, open range).

The first club patch was approved and order in April 1959.
The first NFAA club charter was issued in 1963.
The first NFAA certified range is dated, May 11th, 1963.

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