Welcome to Ogeechee Bowmen!

Thank you for your interest in the Ogeechee Bowmen Archery Club. We are here to help promote archery as a sport for all ages, men and women alike. Archery is a great family sport that even the entire family can enjoy together. We shoot all types of archery including: indoor, field, 3D, and some novelty types so that everyone can come out and enjoy the sport and join in the fun.

We hold shoots year round, as not everyone is a hunter. From January through August we have a mix of shoots (indoor, 900 rounds, field, and 3D). September through December we hold target round shots on the first and third Sundays of these month. Please check the calendar for the dates and times of the next shoot.

Again, thank you for your interest in our club and we sincerely hope that you come out, join us, and give archery a try. You too can be part of the fun.



As a club, we are always looking for ways to improve. This questionnaire is a simple, 2 minute form that will provide us with feedback about the club and your experiences in it. Additionally, it will provide crucial insight into our member base, allowing us to cater shoots more to the people we have in our club. Nothing on the form is required, so fill it out as you see fit, remaining anonymous if you’d like. Thanks for your time, as we really value your opinion!

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